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Marble run machine lifting stairs Marble Machine rotating arm Lifter

Apr 28 32 Please read before posting comment This is a prototype so the finish isn t perfect Odd bits of wood poor soldering etc This was made so that I could gai Apr 26 32 This marble machine lifter is based on the lifting systems inside rolling ball clocks It s quite simple to make it without need of any routing bending or w

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How to Build a Marble Machine FeltMagnetSpiral Marble Machine by tedkeys Thingiverse

Mar 11 32 There is something about building a Marble Machine that makes me How to Build a Marble Machine great ideas for lifting the balls of your own marble machineA motorized marble machine with a twist The motorized lift is modular to allow retrofitting other trackshttps //youtube/sWrOkAP1kJQ updated RUN1s

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Marble toy blocks part 2 Marble lifter woodgearscaMake a Marble Machines Board Instructables

Marble toy blocks part 2 Marble lifter Drilling a hole for the pivot of the lifting lever Seven amazing marble machines by Paul GundbacherApr 16 32 Introduction Make a Marble Machines Board By tinkeringstudio Follow More by If using glue lift it off apply glue and replace it before screwing it in

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